Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Earn USD 29,350 as Administrative Clerk at U.S. Mission Uganda

Job Title:    Administrative Clerk (OBO Security Escort/Clerk)

Employer: U.S. Mission Uganda

Employer:  Kampala, Uganda

Job Expiry Date: 8th November 2019

Salary Range: USD 29,350 (Actual FS salary determined by Washington D.C.)

·         Responsible for escorting all non-cleared visitors, personnel, and/or contractors performing work in secure areas of the mission and construction site as directed by the supervisor to ensure that secure areas remain uncompromised and ensure that all escorted personnel are briefed on security regulations before any work begins.
·         Secures worksites at the beginning of each workday and upon completion of the workday by ensuring that all non-cleared visitors and/or personnel have exited the area.  Prepares access requests and ensures that all personnel and materials entering a construction site and controlled access area (CAA) have been inspected and cleared by designated personnel prior to entering.
·         Assists in procuring items required for use within the CAA space, according to the randomized procurement methods described in relevant sections of the Foreign Affairs Manual.
·         Assists the Site Security Manager with performing security office clerical work, processing background investigation documents, and Ensuring local guard force maintains security procedures.
·         Receives and responds to telephone and e-mail inquiries.
·         Coordinates all office equipment maintenance and repairs.
·         Draft memos and other correspondence to both internal and external sources.
·         Maintains all files, records, and reports in easily accessible locations such as electronically on the shared drive, or hard copies in approved filing cabinets.
·         Provide administrative support to the contractor with regards to access requests, clearances, etc.

Job Requirement:
·         Completion of a high school is required.
·         Two years of prior experience in an office, management or security-related position is required.
·          Post Entry Training; One day on-site guidance for escorting activities/security access procedures for CAA, with the SSM and RSO. One week on-the-job basic guidance for escort activities, security inspections, and background investigations. Mandatory online training for new-hires via post HR. CSCTNPA10 - Security Devices, Wireless Security, & Access Control. PA489
OBO Security Classification Guide Training. PA526 - ProjNet SM. ESHSAHA84 - Construction Safety Orientation.
Level III English (speaking, reading and writing).
·         Thorough knowledge of regulations governing control and protection of classified material and equipment set out in 12 FAM, as well as post-specific security access procedures; the proper use of security-related equipment (radio and destruction equipment); familiar with the general layout of the construction site and mission grounds. Must have general administrative/clerical knowledge.
·         Basic keyboard skills and computer literacy. Must be observant, flexible and service oriented. Good communication and interpersonal skills, should be people oriented, must be able to follow instructions, ability to maintain observation of workers for long periods of time and able to lift or carry 35 pounds of weight. Ability to climb 30 foot vertical ladder and operate roof hatch. Must be able to obtain secret security clearance.

How to Apply:
Please apply Online


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